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You cannot register a new device

When i logon to the self service portal

i have a message saying You cannot register a new device 


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  • Hi bonneau21,

    this issue can have several causes. To successfully register a device via the Self Service Portal, please make sure that 

    1. the "Maximum number of devices" is not set to "None" in the "Configuration" tab at "System | Setup | Self Service Portal"
    2. a platform is enabled within the "Group settings" tab at "System | Setup | Self Service Portal"

    To successfully enable a platform, you must create a task bundle for the respective platform first.

    In order to use a task bundle within the Self Service Portal Group settings it mus have the "Enrollment" task as a first task.

    Otherwise, it won't appear in the drop down box within the group settings.

    Further information can be found in the "Mobile Control startup guide" which can be found on the documentation page here.

    Depending on the device platform you want to use, check chapter 14 or 15 for the task bundle creation and chapter 16 for the group settings update.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thank you Stefan,

    I had the same problem, your post solved it.