Sophos Mobile - Backup/Restore Fully Managed Android Devices


Apologies if there's articles or blogs about this but I haven't had luck in finding what I'm looking for thus far. We use Microsoft 365 as a tenant and Android devices and have been utilizing full device enrollment to ensure if a device is lost or stolen we could fully wipe the device and not just a work profile on it. When a device is enrolled a "work account" is created which works well for the instance of the device, but if the user needs a new device for whatever reason I don't see a way to be able to effectively transfer data such as contacts or sms messages. It seems like generally speaking this stuff can be backed up via Google Drive with an Google account but of course with these work accounts I'm unable to utilize this even after putting a personal Google account on a device. I've also tried utilizing Samsung Smart Switch but that just fails. So I'm hoping there's some options:

1. Is there a method of backing up/restoring/transferring data such as contacts/sms for a user utilizing the Sophos portal from device to device if one is lost/broken/upgraded.

2. Keeping in mind we use Microsoft for our tenant, is there a way to utilize Google to make Gmail accounts that can be registered to a fully managed device that would then allow us to utilize things like Google Drive to backup things like contacts/sms and that sort of thing similar to how Apple has the Apple Business Manager and hopefully is also free since I see we can setup workspace but it costs approx $7.20 USD per user per month which seems overkill just to be able to utilize a feature like this if it would even work at all with a fully managed device.

Hope that makes sense, if there's any suggestions or direction that could be given that would be appreciated. If it turns out our options are in the end only "fully-managed but no way to backup" or "need to make a personal Google account for each employee to utilize backup, but won't be able to fully wipe a device if lost or stolen" then please let me know as well.



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