What's New in Sophos Mobile?

Please read on for details of what's new and coming in Sophos Mobile.

Updated Sophos Central Interface

Along with the rest of Sophos Central, the Sophos Mobile admin interface has been updated. This brings a new style, standardized colors, fonts, and icons and overall a refreshed user interface. Customers can also toggle between a light/dark mode view to suit their preferences.

Sophos User Activity Verification

User Activity Verification provides a way to request additional context from admins or users via their mobile device. It leverages the Sophos Intercept X app for Android and iOS, and enables a secure and rapid channel of communication. An example could be requesting information from a user about potentially suspicious activity detected on their desktop machine, or asking an administrator for approval for an action.

We've already received some great feedback and would love to hear any further comments or suggestions. For more details on User Activity Verification please see this article.

iOS Intercept X for Mobile Update

The latest version of Intercept X for Mobile will soon begin rolling out to iOS devices. This includes the following changes:

  • An update to the Authenticator feature
  • Web Content filter will now filter app traffic in addition to web traffic
  • The minimum supported OS version is now iOS 14

Removal of Samsung, LG and NFC Apps

The Sophos Samsung Plugin app, and Sophos LG Plugin app were designed to support the legacy Device Admin mode of managing Android devices. As new device enrolments should instead use Android Enterprise management, we will soon remove these apps from the Google Play Store.

The NFC enrolment mode has not been supported in recent versions of Android, therefore the Sophos NFC Provisioning will also soon be removed from the Google Play Store.

Migration to Sophos Central

A reminder that the on-premise version of Sophos Mobile will reach end-of-life in July 2023. We encourage all remaining customers to plan their transition to Sophos Central. Our Migration Tool enables devices to be managed through Sophos Central without the need for re-enrolment. Please see the guide for further details.