We're delighted to say that the latest version of Sophos Mobile is now available.

How do I get it?

Sophos Central and Sophos Mobile-as-a-Service environments have been updated automatically. Sophos Mobile on-premise customers can download the installer from the Support section of Sophos.com

What’s new?

Sophos Mobile version 9.7 offers more support for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments through the Apple ‘User Enrolment’ mode. Designed for employee-owned iPhone and iPad devices, admins can deploy corporate email and apps to a device, safe in the knowledge these remain separate from a user’s personal data. The Sophos Mobile Admin Guide has more information on this feature.

Our migration tool lets on-premise Sophos Mobile customers migrate to Sophos Central. The tool moves devices, policies and settings to Sophos Central without needing to re-enrol. With the latest version, customers no longer need to contact Sophos for a migration code, enabling them to start migrating as soon as their environment is ready. See the Migration Guide for details.

This release also adds new Android and iOS policy settings, while ending support for several older operating systems. For full details, please see the Release Notes.

  • Hi Sohan
    We use a combination of on device information, plus lookups to Sophos Labs for the latest threat telemetry. You can add exceptions for allowed/blocked sites via the web filtering policy in the Sophos Mobile console.

  • How does Sophos intercept x for mobile web filtering work? Does it use a blacklist urls database only? If a malicious url isn't in the Sophos database can it be blocked by its web filtering?