Sophos Mobile 9.6 - What's New

Sophos Central Migration

New wizard that enables migration from Sophos Mobile on-premise server or SaaS hosted to Sophos Mobile in Sophos Central.

  • Migration of policies, task bundles, apps, app lists, compliance rules, documents and settings
  • Migration of enrolled devices without re-enrollment
  • Migration supported by an intuitive migration wizard

Enhanced iOS Management

  • Additional Exchange payload options
  • WPA v3 is now supported in Wi-Fi payload
  • Single App Mode policy extended with additional options
  • Added additional restrictions
    • Continuous Path Keyboard
    • Disable device sleep (e.g. for tvOS)
    • Hide Find My
    • Find My Friends
    • Wi-Fi On/Off
    • Allow shared iPad (new in iOS 13.4)

Enhanced macOS Management

  • New policy payload: Enable Sophos Endpoint disk access via Privacy Preferences Control settings
  • WPA v3 is now supported in the Wi-Fi payload
  • Private key of certificates can be configured to be non-exportable

Enhanced Android Management

  • Optionally allow access to all apps to be installed from the Google Play Store for Android Enterprise managed devices
  • The Android Enterprise app list is now the top-level app list. Position switched with the legacy Android app list

Sophos Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Proxy improvements

  • Support for a proxy server configuration within the EAS Proxy setup

Sophos Secure Email Improvements

This description consolidates improvements to the Sophos Secure Email app since the release of Sophos Mobile 9.5 Improvements apply to iOS and Android

  • Improved UI for the Sophos Container email policy
  • Support for Outlook Notes
  • Support for Outlook Tasks
  • Management of multiple email accounts
  • Configure the email signature in policy
  • Support for S/MIME

Sophos Apps

  • Support iOS Dark Mode in all apps

Changed Features

  • Update device sync time option to 4h and higher only

Platform Changes

  • Sophos Mobile Control app will show an outdated server warning if connected server version is 7.1 or lower as they are out of support

Update Path

  • Update to Sophos Mobile 9.6 is supported from version 9.0 and 9.5. 

Sophos Mobile - How to update to version 9.6

Note: Updating to Sophos Mobile 9.6 can be done from version 9.0 or 9.5.

To successfully update to Sophos Mobile 9.6 perform the following steps:

  • Log in to MySophos.
  • Download the Sophos Mobile 9.6 setup and copy it to the machine where Sophos Mobile 9.0 or higher is installed.
  • Run the setup with an administrative user.
    Note: During the update process, the Sophos Mobile Service must be stopped. You will be asked to stop the service by the Sophos Mobile 9.6 setup.
    While the service is stopped, users connected to the Sophos Mobile EAS Proxy might not receive emails.
  • Follow the steps shown in the setup.
  • The setup will update the database and files automatically.
  • Once the update is finished, complete the setup.
  • The Sophos Mobile service will be started again

After following these steps, the Sophos Mobile service has been successfully updated.

Please note: When logging in the first time to the Sophos Mobile admin console icons and website entries might be displayed incorrectly. Clearing the browser cache resolves these issues. 

More info - Check out the Sophos Mobile documentation page here!