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Safe Browsing has detected that the Google Chrome browser is in danger

hello everyone, i am new to the community. I have the following question: In the Sophos management console I have the following alert: I would like your support to resolve this incident or is it a false positive.

Attached the details:


Safe Browsing has detected that the Google Chrome browser is in danger

Workstation Type: Computer

OS: Windows

User: jose jose

Device: xx-xxx


mitigation: Intruder
process_version: 88
type: Intruder
app_name: Google Chrome

process_alias_path: $ programfiles \ Google \ Chrome \ Application \ chrome.exe

process_name: Google Chrome

details: Intruder

Platform 6.3.9600 / x64 v523 06_3a-

PID 2900


Silent 0020000000000100

Application C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Google \ Chrome \ Application \ chrome.exe

Created 2017-06-07T23: 58: 59

Modified 2021-01-21T03: 18: 26

Description Google Chrome 88

Loaded Modules (103)

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  • Good morning! Do you have any Threat Cases generated as a result of this? Sometimes that will give you more information on what occurred.

    Since it is indicating it is ransomware it is possible that Chrome was detected rapidly writing/encrypting/changing files on the computer.