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News: Feature update

Encryption for Sophos Email is now live in all Sophos Central accounts, and included in the Sophos Email Advanced license at no extra cost.

Overview of Sophos Email Encryption

Secure sensitive data and make compliance easy, with easy-to-use secure email encryption from Sophos. Converting a standard email into one with encrypted attachments - sent direct to the recipient’s inbox.

  • Encryption setup in minutes - with the ability to encrypt the entire email or attachments only
  • Flexible policy control - allows organizations to encrypt all outbound messages sent to a set list of recipient addresses and domains
  • Send secure messages fast – using the O365 add-in buttons for PC and Mac, or by adding the organisations custom subject line tag to the message i.e. “Secure: ***”
  • Recipients receive a password-protected document directly in their inbox, after an initial email is sent to set their password (used for all subsequent emails)
  • Reply securely – with Sophos Secure Messaging Portal for secure email replies, including attachments
  • Email body content, text files and PDFs delivered as encrypted PDF, with zip files delivered as encrypted zip files with password. Encrypted PDFs can be opened using any standard PDF client such as Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft Office attachments ending with the .***x extension will be delivered using the native encryption, all other Office files will be placed inside an encrypted PDF


Top Customer Use Cases for Sophos Email Encryption

  1. Accelerate Onboarding – Slash onboarding time and maintain compliance

    With client on boarding taking several weeks to a month, the move to digital customer onboarding has become a priority. The challenge is to achieve the right balance between simplicity, while guaranteeing security of the documents.

    Solution: Sophos Email Encryption allows all customer application forms such as, loans, mortgages, and investment transactions to be emailed securely.

    Recipients receive a password-protected document direct to their inbox, with their passwords created and easily managed through a self-service registration page. Application forms can then be completed and securely emailed back through the Sophos Secure Messaging portal. The Onboarding process is now secure and completed in a few days versus weeks — drastically reducing document handling costs and the risks of regulatory non-compliance.


  1. Secure Statement Delivery – Speed up the encryption process to meet high volume statement delivery demands

    Users want to receive important documents fast. Senders need an uncomplicated way to send sensitive documents like, financial statements and trade confirmations, simply and directly to inboxes.

    Solution: Sophos Email attachment-only encryption (where the attachment is encrypted, and the message body is not) lends itself perfectly to one-way messaging. Encryption is setup in minutes, with customers able to encrypt messages fast using the O365 add-in button, or by adding the organizations custom subject line tag to the message i.e. “Secure: ***”. Making sure there is never a delay.


  1. Secure Office 365 Desktop and Web – Providing a seamless experience for O365 users on Outlook for desktop and on the web

    Challenge: Senders need seamless encryption control across O365 desktop and web Outlook clients, with the added ability to encrypt messages on-demand - over and above the organizations standard policy.

    Solution: Whether you’re working on desktop or the web. Office 365 senders have the same, easy-to-use encryption options available, either to encrypt by pressing O365 add-in button, or by adding the organizations custom subject line tag to the message i.e. “Secure: ***”. Guaranteeing a seamless experience.


Overview of New Features

Please find attached, a PDF covering what's new with Sophos Email. This covers all releases since August 2018 and provides you with a concise way to view latest developments.



  • All features listed in the article apply to Sophos Email Advanced license customers only
  • Sophos Email Advanced customers who took part in the Sophos Email Encryption Early Access Program (EAP) will retain any policies created during the EAP
  • These features have been automatically added in Sophos Central, however, you are required to activate and define your custom policy settings via the policy section
  • No custom settings will be affected by this update