Customer wants to allow expressvpn.


Intercept X with XDR.  I cannot find in the Endpoint management portal where to allow one (or more) sites currently blocked because they are listed in the "Proxies and Translators" category.

Any assistance appreciated.

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  • Hi

    Thanks for your response.

    I would prefer to allow selected users to access all sites in the "Proxies and Translators" category rather than a global allow for a single site. I should have made this more clear in my original post. 

    I have created a new policy for the selected users that allows (or warns as necessary) access to the "Adult and potentially inappropriate categories".

    Do you know if it's possible to see a comprehensive list of the sites in a particular category?


  • Yes, you can do that as well. Creating a separate policy for those needing access to certain sites will minimize any risk.

    For your question related to a comprehensive list of sites per category. Unfortunately, we don't have it.

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