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I'm having a hard time looking for information about this. I'm considering on getting the licensed version for the solutions I currently use and plan to use in the future, but I need to know if your product line is something I can afford.

So my questions are:

  1. ESET has what they call "unilicense" wherein I buy a pool of licenses and I can use it in any platform. Do you offer your products in the same licensing style? Or do I need to buy a pool of license per platform (e.g. licenses for endpoints are separate from servers and mobiles)?
  2. Unilicense or not, what is the minimum number of seats I can purchase? Please break down the minimums if you don't offer unilicensing model.
  3. This may be a channel partner question but I'll ask anyway: how much is the cost per license? Although Kaspersky shows how much to expect when you look at their offerings in their website, I don't need an exact quote at the moment: a generic price tag for the Philippines market will do.

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