Central web interface needs attention

The recent facelift is in need of attention from the web development group.

I repeatedly open the wrong firewall because the list moves around as alert/notification icons get re-drawn.

The font size is too large and I can't read any useful info in the list.   I have to use short label names.

When I do try to click and open the alert icons, it rarely stays open long enough for me to read what the alert is for.

Central is a great product, it just needs more frequent usability updates.

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  • Thank you for reaching community forum. On behalf of our web dev team, I would like to ask for an apology for getting confused about the latest changes on our central dashboard. Though I would like you to elaborate more on the difficulties you're currently facing.on accessing your central dashboard. 
    I'm attaching a snapshot of the FW dashboard and pointing out your concerns. 

    For Selecting a managed device, you can use the search option to show you the device you wish to check. This option is helpful, especially if you manage multiple devices on your dashboard. 
    To get more details, the central dashboard that you're seeing is the whole overview of what happens to your managed device. If you wish to dive down for more details on a specific device, You need to click the device you wish to check to get full details. 
    For the Alert Icon, I don't see any problem with it as long as you point your cursor and click it. It’ll show you the list of alerts your getting on the selected device and will disappear if you perform another click anywhere on your dashboard. 

    Glenn ArchieSeñas (GlennSen)
    Global Community Support Engineer

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  • The interface is slow to respond and is constantly redrawing itself for alerts, which causes the line spacing to expand.   I regularly open the wrong firewall because the click target has moved slightly.  I disable Auto Refresh each time I sign in because it's unusable without it.

    I just wish a modern company like Sophos would use modern web techniques to build reliable websites.

    I know I can't provide any technical details about this specific web application but I can't be the only one whining about this.

  • Sophos Central continues to perform poorly.

    When I try to access any firewall, this is what I get.   It takes a good three or four tries to finally get connected.

  • 3 months later and Sophos Central continues to be unusable since the facelift.  Why isn't Sophos staff looking into this?

  • Hi Ben,

    If you're continuing to experience issues with this, I'd suggest trying to gather logs when this issue occurs. You can try gathering a HAR Log as well as a Wireshark Log so our team can look into this.

    Based on your geographical location, there will be different load balancers and back-end servers that your connection is routed through to present the data. In some cases lag from the ISP, or an incorrectly set MTU on the Firewall or ISP can also affect things.

    Sharing the following information via a support case with our team may also help.
    - When the issue occurs what is the longest time you've had to wait for the page to load?
    - When navigating out then back in, how long does this take to load?
    - Are the firewalls in very different geographical locations or in the same are?
    - Are different ISP's utilized at each of the sites or are these the same?

    Feel free to share your case id with me via private message so I may follow up with our team as well.

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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  • I would not call it unusable. Just too slow for some operations. And I can confirm that sometimes you cannot manage a firewall and need to retry.

    But I have never seen "moving firewalls" while I click on them.

    I'd like to get the columns be adjustable because you do not see the firewall name if it is slightly longer than TestFW1. e.g. if you use FQDN, you will probably only see parts of the name.

  • Adjustable columns would be great!

    Mit freundlichem Gruß, best regards from Germany,

    Philipp Rusch

    New Vision GmbH, Germany
    Sophos Silver-Partner

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