Central web interface needs attention

The recent facelift is in need of attention from the web development group.

I repeatedly open the wrong firewall because the list moves around as alert/notification icons get re-drawn.

The font size is too large and I can't read any useful info in the list.   I have to use short label names.

When I do try to click and open the alert icons, it rarely stays open long enough for me to read what the alert is for.

Central is a great product, it just needs more frequent usability updates.

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  • I would not call it unusable. Just too slow for some operations. And I can confirm that sometimes you cannot manage a firewall and need to retry.

    But I have never seen "moving firewalls" while I click on them.

    I'd like to get the columns be adjustable because you do not see the firewall name if it is slightly longer than TestFW1. e.g. if you use FQDN, you will probably only see parts of the name.