XG Firewall v18 MR1

Important Note

The XG Firewall v18 MR1 release has been pulled. Update: The release is replaced by XG Firewall v18 MR1-build396

Sophos has received reports from a subset of XG Firewall v18 MR1 systems, where the update has caused issues with traffic passing through the Firewall. Because of this, MR1 was pulled on the first day of Community availability as it warranted a fix before broader release. The release is replaced by XG Firewall v18 MR1-build396, that addresses the issue.

XG Firewall v18 has been our most ambitious release ever and is one of the highest quality releases we’ve ever done thanks to an extensive Early Access Program that ran for over five months. In fact, several customers and partners deployed it en masse to production firewalls on launch day as a result of their confidence in the early access program. It is a rock solid and extremely well-tested release that you can feel confident running on your XG Firewall.

If you are looking to upgrade from v17.5, please read the latest KB article which contains more information on this topic.


Hi XG Community!

We've released XG Firewall v18 MR1.


  • Supports new SD-RED 20 and SD-RED 60 devices.
  • XG Firewall web console now shows granular reasons for firmware upload failure
  • Plus, more than 45 issues resolved in this release (refer Issues Resolved section below)
  • With the tremendous need for VPN connectivity in this challenging time, we have put together some important information here for you to achieve your networking needs:
    1. To configure VPN Remote Access on your Sophos XG Firewall. Check out this useful Community post!
    2. To substitute XG for RED devices via Light-Touch deployment from Sophos Central. Check out this useful Community post!

Note: Upgrade from SF 17.5 MR11 to v18.0 MR1 is now supported.

More on XG Firewall v18

Please refer XG Firewall v18 highlights for more details on all-new Xstream Architecture delivering extreme new levels of visibility, protection and performance. Also, check out our XG Firewall v18 playlist on YouTube to find out what's new in XG Firewall v18!

Get it now!

As usual, this firmware update is no charge for all licensed XG Firewall customers. The firmware will be rolled-out automatically to all systems over the coming weeks but you can access the firmware anytime to do a manual update through Licensing Portal. You can refer this article for more information on How to upgrade the firmware.

Please find the replacement of this release at https://community.sophos.com/products/xg-firewall/b/blog/posts/xg-firewall-v18-mr1-build396.

Things to know before upgrading

You can upgrade from SFOS 17.5 (MR6 to MR11) to 18.0 MR1. Check out the relevant sections of the XG v18 release notes for details on:

Issues Resolved

  • NC-30903 [Authentication] STAS configuration is editable via GUI on AUX machine
  • NC-50703 [Authentication] Access server restarted with coredump using STAS and Chrome SSO
  • NC-50716 [Authentication] Cannot import LDAP server via XMLAPI if client cert is "None"
  • NC-54689 [Authentication] Support download certificate for iOS 13 and above
  • NC-55277 [Authentication] Service "Chromebook SSO" is missing on Zone page
  • NC-51660 [Backup-Restore] Restore failed using a backup of XG135 on SG230 appliance
  • NC-55015 [Bridge] Wifi zone is not displayed while creating bridge
  • NC-55356 [Bridge] TCP connection fails for VLAN on bridge with HA Active-Active when source_client IP address is odd
  • NC-52616 [Certificates] Add support for uploading of CRLs in DER format
  • NC-55739 [Certificates] EC certificate shows up as "RSA" in SSLx CA cert dropdowns
  • NC-55305 [CM (Zero Touch)] System don't restart on changing time zone while configured through ZeroTouch
  • NC-55617 [CM (Zero Touch)] Getting wrong error message in log viewer after ZeroTouch process
  • NC-55909 [Core Utils] Unable to see application object page on SFM
  • NC-30452 [CSC] Dynamic interface addresses not showing on Aux after failover
  • NC-54233 [CSC] EpollWorker coredump
  • NC-55386 [Dynamic Routing (PIM)] PIM-SM import fails with LAG as dependent entity
  • NC-55625 [Dynamic Routing (PIM)] In HA with multicast interface, routes are not getting updated in the Aux routing table
  • NC-55461 [Email] After adding/edit FQDN host with smarthost, it is not displayed on the list until refresh the page
  • NC-58898 [Email] Potential RCE through heap overflow in awarrensmtp (CVE-2020-11503)
  • NC-55635 [Firewall] Display filter for forwarded is not working properly on packet capture page
  • NC-55657 [Firewall] HA backup restore fails when port name is different in backup and appliance
  • NC-55884 [Firewall] IPS policy id and appfilter id not displaying in firewall allow log in logviewer
  • NC-55943 [Firewall] Failed to resume existing connection after removal of heartbeat from firewall configuration
  • NC-57084 [Firewall] Custom DMZ not listed in dedicated link HA configuration
  • NC-44938 [Firmware Management, UX] Web UI does not surface reasons for firmware upload failure
  • NC-55756 [Gateway Management] Gateway isn't deleted from SFM UI after deleting it from SFM
  • NC-55552 [HA] WWAN interface showing in HA monitoring ports
  • NC-55281 [Import-Export Framework] Full configuration import fails when using third party certificate for webadmin setting
  • NC-55171 [Interface Management] VLAN Interface IP is not assigned via DHCP when gateway name uses some special characters
  • NC-55442 [Interface Management] DNS name lookup showing incorrect message
  • NC-55462 [Interface Management] Import fails on configuring Alias over VLAN
  • NC-55659 [Interface Management] Invalid gateway IP and network IP configured using API for IPv6
  • NC-56733 [Interface Management] Patch PPPd (CVE-2020-8597)
  • NC-51776 [IPS Engine] Edit IPS custom rule protocol doesn't work after creation
  • NC-51558 [IPsec] Add warning message before deleting xfrm ipsec tunnel
  • NC-55309 [Logging] Local acl rule not created through log viewer for IPv4 and IPv6
  • NC-50413 [Logging Framework] Gateway up event log for PPPoE interface not always shown in logviewer
  • NC-55346 [Logging Framework] Clear All for "Content filtering" does not clear SSL/TLS filter option
  • NC-56831 [Policy Routing] SIP traffic sometimes not working with SDWAN policy route
  • NC-46009 [SecurityHeartbeat] Spontaneous reconnects of many endpoints
  • NC-51562 [SecurityHeartbeat] Heartbeat service not started after HA failover
  • NC-52225 [Synchronized App Control] SAC page loading issues as the list of apps increases
  • NC-54078 [UI Framework] Internet Explorer UI issue on certain rules and policies pages
  • NC-56821 [Up2Date Client] SSL VPN downloading with the 0KB
  • NC-54007 [Web] File type block messages sometimes contain mimetype rather than file type

Making the most of your new XG Firewall features

Free Online Training

  • Available for free for all XG Firewall customers, our delta training program will help you make the most of the new features in XG Firewall v18.
  • This online program walks you through the key enhancements since v17.5 and takes about 90 minutes to complete.

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    • XG Firewall deployment and setup
    • XG Firewall v18 DPI, FastPath and SSL Engine Optimization
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  • Thanks for this; Downloaded, uploaded, installed and RUNNING :-D

  • i just rolled back one of our XG210 to 354, couldn't access anything through VPN anymore, WAF rules were not working anymore and so didn't the NAT rules , the log viewer was not of any help.

  • MR1 Does appear to be all good! Although I had an issue 1st go round, must of been bad upload to xg even though XG verified the file.  No matter main point is it works! Thanks Sophos keep up the good work!

  • Anyone with similar issue like Pascal and myself try re uploading the Firmware replacing MR1 that didn't work!

  • I am rolling back. Big issue after upgrade from 18.0 GA to MR1. All HTTPS traffic stopped processing. WAF rules stopped working. I couldn't spend much time on troubleshooting, had to get system working again. Currently I cannot recommend to perform upgrade!

  • Same issue here, suddenly IPS and WAF stop working.

  • Same issue here. Rolled back for now.

  • Same issue here, waf rules are dead... Immediate rollback.. fantastic.

  • Installed and all worked for 30 seconds then nothing.  no cross vlan device access, no internet access etc...  rolled back then tried an upgrade again.  same issues.  log viewer no help, all services running etc.  Fortunately the only thing I could access was the admin portal so I could rollback easily via the GUI.  Sophos,  is this a bad update file ?

  • any known issues to consider for existing Sophos Connect VPN deployments when updating from 17 mr10 or mr11 to this version?

  • Hey folks, please check your linked NAT rules there was supposed to be an improvement in these and the DPI was supposed to be improved. My home installation is working...



    Added, performance appears to have been enhanced and  mail scanning on my Apple devices is working again.......

    XG stopping traffic after about 8 hours, no log entries. Needed to remove and restore power before service would work.

  • Shortly after upgrading experienced connectivity issues - no internet availability on the LAN (as tested from multiple devices, hardwired and wifi). From the WebGUI everything was fine and showed all WAN interfaces as up. Sites that couldn't connect from LAN devices pinged and tracerouted just fine through the WebGUI. Rebooting seemed to fix, but then 10 minutes later same issues arose. Logs don't show anything.  Rolled back.

  • MR1 broke SSL Site to Site VPN for me.  Had to roll back.  

  • Firmware installation After Gateway Down Up Down Up. Down

  • Please don't apply this to anything that is "important", there appears to be a serious problem with traffic stopping after a few hours. I've reverted the handful of devices I migrated after they all broke ....