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Sophos Enterprise Installation



I am trying to create a powershell script, that forces a reinstall in the case a sophos program is missing within Appwiz.cpl

Within Appwiz.cpl there are 5 sophos programs installed: Sophos Remote Management System, Sophos Network Threat Protection, Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos AutoUpdate and Sophos Anti-Virus. 

If Sophos Autoupdate is installed on a machine and let's say there was an issue with one of the components; Sophos Remote Management System, Sophos Network Threat Protection and Sophos Endpoint Protection. Is it possible to force a reinstall from Sophos AutoUpdate?

To give you a bit of detail how we are checking for an issue with one of the components is via the services querying they are found and have a status of running. If they aren't running we first attempt a restart of the services. if this fails we kick it to reinstall. 


Hope this make sense! :)

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  • Hello

    I'm interested to hear about this.  Uninstall-re-install script that works. 

    There are already few other posts about that topic,  however, instructions/scripts examples are not reliable.

    Time to freshen it up.  Simply kill this post an update an existing post maybe ?

    Paul Jr