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Sophos Home engine and Sophos Central Endpoint engine

Good morning, everyone,
I wanted information. Does Sophos Home have the same scanning engine as Sophos Central Endpoint?

Because I had installed Sophos Home and now I have installed Sophos Central Endpoint but when I started the full scan from Sophos Central Endpoint it took very little time to tell me that it was successful. Could it be that having already done the full scan with Sophos Home now with the endpoint takes less?

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  • Hello Jacopo Sandri,

    the engine is essentially the same for all products. Essentially because not all products/platforms receive a particular release (e.g. 3.73.0) at the same time or all minor releases (e.g. 3.74.1 vs. 3.74.2) - but the changes are minor and wouldn't explain significant differences in execution time.
    What's likely different are the scan settings. I'm using neither Home nor Central so I can't say what in particular is different. A major difference can be caused by scanning inside archives or not.
    I'm pretty sure that installing a different product removes the others cache of scan results so I'd rule out that the Central scan considers a previous scan with Home.


  • Hi Christin,

    Thank you for your response. I agree, however, the strange thing is that it does not show me any error and tells me that the scan has been carried out. The operation of Central is optimal because I have already verified that it fails its work, so it is not even an installation error.

    My only thought was that having already done the scan with Home, now with Central does not have to do it again.



  • Hello Jacopo,

    as said, I have no experience with the Central product. Did you start the scan on the device via the Status page? If so, what did the Summary show?


  • Hello Jacopo,

    I wasn't aware it's a Mac but nevertheless what I've said applies to MacOS as well.
    You should find a more detailed log in (your) Library/Logs/Sophos Anti-Virus/Scans/Scansiona questo Mac/.