News: Feature update



The latest update to Phish Threat allows you to select up to five attack emails during campaign setup and serve them to users in random order, providing a more effective training experience.




Multi-template customization

When selecting up to five email templates, the customization step now provides full visibility into each template with a new template carousel. This provides you with full control to customize each phishing email template and credential harvesting web page for a completely tailored campaign.


Enhanced reporting

Just as it’s important to test each user in the most effective way, we also want to give you complete visibility into user results across the multiple templates sent. The great news is that the new “By Attack” tab within each campaign report provides full visibility into distribution of the randomized attack. While also providing a detailed breakdown of behavior, including the actions taken by all employees receiving the simulation.


Now live in Sophos Central, try these latest enhancements during your next Phish Threat campaign for a more tailored experience.