Upgrade opportunity

We have now activated the latest version of Phish Threat for all V1 accounts – making it simple to switch. The list of new features added to Phish Threat 2 since launching in February 2018 is growing all the time. If you’re currently using our original version (V1), there has never been a better time for you to switch.


Find the latest version in your Sophos Central account

Customers will soon notice the latest version of Phish Threat appearing side-by-side with their V1 service in Sophos Central (see below). There is no EOL or migration at this stage ­– simply the ability to test drive and see the benefits.

Setup is simple

Thanks to our Active Directory Sync tool, all contacts can be imported and managed as one shared list across Sophos Central. Or if you wish, you can continue to upload contacts via .csv file. Once imported,  simply whitelist the new IPs and domain names, and then you’re ready to start running our most effective campaigns and training ever.


Top five reasons to switch

  1. Reports you need to show return on investment
    Who clicked? Who entered credentials? Our first version of Phish Threat provided valuable insight, and now, interactive dashboards and reports give you a full breakdown of who, when and what device users received a simulated attack, while allowing you to track changing behavior and reduced risk over time – critical when demonstrating return on investment.

  2. Train users with the latest attacks and training 
    Our customers need to juggle attack simulations and training with other security priorities. Moving to our latest version provides an edge over attackers. Customers have access to a growing range of over 500 attack templates inspired by the latest threat intelligence, and access to more training content than ever with over 60 modules in formats to suit every member of their organization.

  3. Deliver campaigns as individual as your users
    Our people are being targeted individually by attackers looking for the weakest link. That’s why Phish Threat now translates email templates and training courses in 10 languages. Providing users with the experience they need to learn new skills and become a stronger line of defense across the organization.

  4. Turn users into an active line of defense
    To prove training is effective, you need to show that it impacts real-world behavior. The new Phish Threat Outlook add-in uniquely enables you to do that. Once activated, it allows users to report both simulations and real threats. This allows you to measure training effectiveness and create human sensors throughout organizations to alert you to targeted attacks.

  5. Identify at-risk users
    Identifying users who exhibit the riskiest behaviour is a real challenge. Sophos Synchronized Security now let’s you achieve exactly that by connecting Sophos Email to the latest Phish Threat version. This enables you to identify users either warned or blocked from visiting a website due to its risk profile and enroll them directly into targeted training.


Existing Phish Threat licenses cover all campaigns

While you test-drive our latest version of Phish Threat, all campaigns sent between the two versions will be covered by your existing license. For now, any historic data will remain in the V1 console for comparison. Migration of data is coming soon. Until then, you can request data migration by raising a support ticket and include the Phish Threat license ID of the account.


Experience our latest innovation – the Outlook add-in


We’re confident that with the improved insight you’ll receive, more than 500 new simulations, and 60-plus engaging training modules, you will love the benefits and make the switch.