I'm excited to share the improvements we've made in campaign creation in Sophos Phish Threat.

We've enhanced the campaign sending frequency options. In addition to the existing range of sending intervals from every 2 hours to every 24 hours, we've introduced new choices. Now, in addition to the hourly options, you can configure campaign increments to be Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly.

This enhancement gives you more flexibility and control over your email campaigns.

  • That's great! Can we also get greater flexibility when it comes to training reminders? Sending daily reminders I think is too much over a period of time such as a month or a quarter; I think that will turn folks off to the program and result in teeth-pulling to keep participation rate high. The alternative is to send via email all hands, which is less than ideal. It would be great to have ability to set weekly reminders or bi-weekly on Mondays or whichever day of the week we choose. thanks! If I have missed something on training reminder configs, please let me know.