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Is SEC Ver. 5.5.0 work with Windows Server 2019?

Hi Everyone,

We have SEC Ver. 5.5.0 Located on Windows server 2016 and we are planing to do In-place upgrade to Windows server 2019.

My question is SEC 5.5.0 compatible with Windows server 2019 or first should upgrade SEC to the latest version?



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  • Hello Ahmed Kadhim1,

    although the system requirements only list the remaining supported version 5.5.2 the answer is simple: SEC 5.5.0 came out February 2017, too early for Server 2019. And furthermore an on-board Server upgrade when  SEC is installed is no the best idea.

    As said in this recent discussion the question is whether you really have to make changes, SEC/ESC is EOL 20 July 2023, not more than eleven months to go. Upgrading SEC as exercise is for the birds and I'm unsure whether an OS upgrade for a SEC installation is actually supported. If you definitely have to get rid of Server 2016 before August 2023 you might have to uninstall SEC and reinstall the latest version. Can't say if you'd also have to upgrade the SQL Server version.