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How do I temporarily stop Sophos?

How do I temporarily stop Sophos?

Sometimes I run softwares that require much of the notebook resources and I would like to stop all of the Sophos services until I finish to use that software. In my previous antivirus softwares (Norton, Kaspersky) there was a sort of 'temporary disactivate' command from the menu.

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  • Hi,

    You could just stop all the Sophos services if you're a local admin.

    The following command would do it:

    wmic service where "caption like '%Sophos%'" call stopservice

    Note: Change stopservice to startservice to start them back up.

    You could put this into a batch file on the desktop.

    Depending on the OS, the list of services will differ, for this reason I've used a like command to hopefully catch all Sophos services.

    You could also look into AV exclusions as it shouldn't be necessary to stop the services.


    Edited by Seank from Sophos support for additional means to disable services:

    You can also press windows key + R to open the run command, type type in services.msc, and hit enter.

    In the services menu you can look through all the services and any that start with Sophos can be disabled to limit the functions of the Sophos AV.

  • Hi

    Thank you for you suggestion, however I'm confused as what happens after stopping the Sophos service?

    Thank You.
  • Hello WoodsIT,

    what happens after stopping the Sophos service?
    :-P Likely the world won't come to its end - so, whatever you, the OS, or some hacker from outside does. Seriously, you'll get a notification from the taskbar icon and no file and web scanning, no updating, no communication with the management server will occur,  if SCF is installed all firewall functions will be disabled.