NDR for XDR EAP (XDR Features)

We are adding the Sophos NDR Sensor to the XDR Features EAP

During the EAP customers can deploy Sophos NDR (Network Detection and Response) in their estate and gain the benefits of the already available Sophos NDR Sensor without requiring to be a Sophos Managed Detection and Response service customer.   See data sheet for more details on Sophos NDR. NDR Data Sheet  

All accounts using the NDR sensor are required to register their contact information so that we can assist in deployment and trouble shooting any issues during the EAP.

Getting Started Steps

  1. Join the XDR Features EAP from your central account.
  2. Complete the Sophos NDR EAP Registration form with your contact details.
    1. This will enable us to contact you to provide assistance and troubleshooting during the EAP
  3. Follow the quick start guide NDR EAP - Quick Start guide
  4. Visit the NDR Community page for more details on NDR Sophos NDR Community page
  5. Provide feedback on NDR and the EAP process NDREarlyAccessProgram@sophos.com 

If you have any questions please leave a comment or reach us directly at NDREarlyAccessProgram@sophos.com  

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