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XDR Query - Get OS Buildnumber with Patchlevel

Hello Community,

is it possible to get the full os build number inclusive patchlevel (windows) with a XDR Query or other way?

There is a query named "Hardware and operating system details" but with this query i only get the os_version and build, for example

OS_Version:  10.0.20348

Build:  20348

for a windows 2022 server.

When i open a cmd prompt on the server and i write "ver" i get:  "10.0.20348.2113"

I need this 2113 at the end. So i see, which cumulative windows update is installed.

Such a Query would be very usefully, because so i will see at one look the patchlevel of my windows server.

Or do you know a other way to get this information? Maybe on Sophos Central. Every Server has installed an endpoint.

Thank you very much.