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Slow browsing issue after enabling [Decrypt HTTPS websites using SSL/TLS] in EAP

Hello Team,

After enabling the option "Decrypt HTTPS websites using SSL/TLS", one of our customer complaining about slowness in browsing as well downloading. Approx. 25%-30% drop in speed. Also, after enabling this option, speedtest is not showing result (getting below error), is it expected? 

  • I'm not seeing an outright error with Speedtest (Edge Chromium) but speed tests against two different servers are acting quite strange compared to normal. The download test, in particular, sits and does nothing until at least halfway through the test or more. This is a sample of results on a 100Mbit connection  (between workstation and switch) and out through a 1Gbit backbone and internet connection. Normally I have no issues getting 90+ Mbps results up and down.

    Between this and the Firefox errors, I'm glad that we're only testing this on two machines right now.