Trouble with google based websites using Firefox

I have a few users who have trouble with any google based website while using Firefox.  We suspect this is an issue with a specific setting in InterceptX but we can't pin it down.  The site loads sometimes, other times it breaks in the middle of using it (youtube).  Or won't load at all and just tries and tries ( and  This is extremely frustrating for our users who are affected.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  The only difference I can see is that on the machines affected the policy uses the "Beta" versions of the newest definitions.  I am unsure how to turn that off, and would gladly try if it meant fixing this irritating intermittent issue.

  • Ok, after some investigation I found how to remove my machine from the "EAP" (Early Access Program).  To do so:

    1. log into Sophos Central and click your username at the top right corner
    2. from the drop down select "Early Access Program"
    3. From the next page click the "Manage" button under "New Endpoint Protection Features"
    4. From that screen simply remove the machine(s) in question
    5. Your machine will get the new definitions after a reboot

    I will test this out to see if it fixes the issue and report back.

  • Hi Josh, I have the same issue on some Windows 10 machines using Firefox and open Google-Urls.

    Any new hints from your test? I checked the "Early Access Program" but it is not configured for any machines.

    Any other ideas to fix this issue? Looks like this problem is a temporary one.

    When I turn off the Sophos, the googles urls will work

  • Hello Pascal, unfortunately I don't have any new information.  For us the issue resolved within a little while of removing clients from the EAP.  Literally hasn't come back a single time!  One suggestion I would make is to be sure your Sophos AV client and if you have a Sophos XG firewall like we do, is updated to the latest firmware 18.5.3 (maintenance release). 

    If you are seeing the URL's work when you turn off Sophos AV, I suspect you have those same definitions we had from the EAP.  Maybe they have made their way into the general release of Sophos AV?  I also recommend updating Firefox to the latest version on the affected machines.  Best of luck sorry this is happening!

  • Seeing the issue here aswell, Override policy for 4 hours and turning off "Real time scan internet" appears to be the work around.... anyone had any additional insights?