New Techvids Release: Sophos Endpoint: Performance Troubleshooting with CSV Logs

Kushal Lakhan from Sophos Support shows you how to troubleshoot performance issues with CSV logs generated by the Endpoint Self-Help tool.

When experiencing degraded performance due to high disk utilization or where the "Sophos File Scanner.exe" process is working the hardest, you can generate logs to help you quickly determine which files or directories are the culprit.

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  • Hello,

    I've tested many Endpoint solutions. Some of them does have separate a tool to measure performance bottlenecks of the File Scanner process. Let it run about 15 minutes and then it gives you nice summary of read and writes of the File Scanner. Then it's easy to exclude (with caution) those bottlenecks. Also, there are some 3rd party programs that can do that, too. Anyways, i tried this "Excel" method described on the video and i found some performance culprits, which are now excluded(with caution). Now the system is more responsive when using particular programs. Thanks for the video, it helped me a alot.