Reminder - Ventura is NOT compatible with Sophos SafeGuard and impending EOL for SafeGuard

Hi all - Just a reminder that EOL for SafeGuard is rapidly approaching (July 2023) BUT Sophos have already declared that Ventura will not be compatible with SafeGuard.

So if your Apple Mac devices are unmanaged/or you don't control updates - users should NOT upgrade to Ventura when it's finally released in a few days/weeks.

macOS Ventura Preview - Apple (UK)

You may (I have) have tested with the BETA and had different results to this statement - but this is the official line and no support will be given/offered.

Offical Sophos article here  - SafeGuard Enterprise platform support for macOS Ventura (macOS 13) (

Just a heads up too that if you're active users of SafeGuard you should be planning a migration (to Central if staying with Sophos) or moving away to another solution (MDM/Intune/JAMF etc...) This is CRITCIAL if you use Sophos native File Encryption - you don't want to start loosing access to encrypted data and then find out you've not got any support to help either!

Cheers all!