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Multiple VPN Profiles

Hello Guys,

I am currently trying to setup two different IPsec VPNs.

The first one is to simply connect to our Network and the other one is to route all traffic threw the firewall, if you are in a cafe for example.

So far so good. They both work independently.

We use a Sophos SG230 (9.712-12) with UTM 9 on our Clients we have Sophos Connect (

When i try to import the configuration file (*.tgb) into Sophos Connect, it only imports one Profile.

In the config file i can see both Profiles, why does it only import one of them?

Then i reached out to the support, they recommendet the use of a provisioning file. 

Sounded pretty good and when i made one it wouldn't work, i get an error telling me "Unable to connect to policy gateway."

Then i asked if it is even possible with a UTM 9 firewall, never got an awnser.

So how do i get 2 VPN Profiles into my Sophos Connect without manually snipping the second profile and pasting it into another config file where it says Profile1 too?

If somebody needs more information feel free to ask and i'll provide them.

Hopefully we can find an awnser.

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