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XG L2TP VPN Disconnection Notification - Delete - question posted in the XG Community

I typically connect to multiple XG firewalls using a L2TP connection. Issue is when I disconnect I get an email alert that the session was terminated (I know, I terminated the connection). As an MSP, I get alerts for a lot of things, and this seems entirely unnecessary. The thing is, in the XG's...System Services...Notification List section there is a sub-section for controlling notifications on various VPN activities:

There is no option for controlling notifications for L2TP - IPSec connections, and apparently the options for SSL VPN are not covering these.
Seems that there needs to be additional options for L2TP and IPSec connections. I have spoken with support in the past and it became a dead end. Can't remember if Sophos has a place for feature requests where I can add it an wait years for it never to be implemented.

Getting these alerts is unnecessary and annoying, and just adds to the noise.


Could not delete.
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