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Web Filtering - Broken Internet

We have multiple clients with the inability to use the Internet, and once we disabled Web Filtering, the Internet traffic resumed.  Is this a known issue with the Sophos UTM today 1/8/2021?

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  • Hi and welcome to the UTM Community!

    This is not a problem that I've ever seen here or with any of my clients.  What version of UTM - 9.705?

    What do you learn from looking through the Web Filtering log?  You can see just the lines with blocks by searching on block.  Once you have a few lines with accesses that should not have been blocked, copy them here.  We'll then want to see a picture or two of the relevant web filtering Policy.

    UPDATE a few minutes later: I just saw another thread about this.  It appears that there was a faulty pattern update for some.  You should open cases with Sophos Support so that they understand that this is an emergency.

    Cheers - Bob

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