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RED-60 endless booting sequence (System/Router)


I try to setup a brand new SD-RED-60 but facing endless error leds loop.

On local site (, Sophos SG125 configuration :

On distant site (, the RED-60 boots the following sequence :
- System led blinking green...
- System led solid green, Router led blinking green (long time)...

- System led solid red.


Router solid led is described in documentation as :

"Either an address has been received from DHCP, or static assignment, and appears valid. The gateway address is reachable."

Assuming blinking state is just before solid state (this never happens), I suppose RED cannot reach the local router gateway ?

Despite this endless booting sequence, a locally connected machine on distant site can ping the RED-60 on

So I deduce the distant configuration has been downloaded and is correctly applied ?

I cannot understand why the sequence cannot go further router led step.

Any idea ?

// ports forwarded on local site's router TCP 3400 < > 3400 + UDP 3410 < > 3410

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