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Advisory: SD-RED 20 and SD-RED 60 wireless module poor performance


Sophos has received reports of slow wireless performance on SD-RED 20 and SD-RED 60 devices.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos UTM and Sophos Firewall XG


Users who connect to the wireless through the wireless module may experience slow network speeds. This affects RDP sessions the most but can cause issues with other services as well.


What to do

This article will be updated when information becomes available.


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  • How can we tell if this RPM has been applied? I have updated to UTM 9.703-3 and then deployed two SD RED20 with WiFi Module's in our lab for a customer and the WiFi performance is shocking still. The devices are configured in Standard \ Split mode, WiFi Networks are "Bridged to AP LAN", nothing else crazy wired speeds max out the connection (100/40 in our lab, WiFi seems to be around 6/18.

    I noticed this advisory as i was configuring the SD RED20's but was hoping to avoid it seeing as the patch was released in June and its now late July.

    I have opened a case #10010609

  • Good morning (you're 15 hours ahead of me) and welcome to the UTM Community!

    Is your issue possibly the same as in Randomly no connection to internet websites but could ping urls works?

    In any case, please let us know what Sophos Support says.

    Cheers - Bob

    Sophos UTM Community Moderator
    Sophos Certified Architect - UTM
    Sophos Certified Engineer - XG
    Gold Solution Partner since 2005
    MediaSoft, Inc. USA
  • I don't think so, these RED's are in Standard\Split mode with no web traffic routing through the tunnel to the web proxy on the UTM.

    Here are the results connected to the SD-RED20 on WiFi:

    Connected via Ethernet:

    Wireless seems to completely drop out and lose IP connectivity to the LAN also every now and again, especially noticable when uploading data but doesn't actually drop WiFi signal.

    Test's are run on my docked SB3 but i have also tested a few other machines and running the speedtest from my iPhone and it produced the same slow results. If i didn't have two exact units, with same WiFi module i'd think it was faulty but surely i can't have two faulty WiFi modules!

    Support is.... slow going, no progress yet at all.

    I'm tempted to connect them to an XG firewall to see if it does the same thing with them, does anyone know how the firmware gets pushed out to these RED devices? If i hook them up to my XG, download the firmware pattern version 3.0.002 which apparently includes the WiFi fix:

    If i add them back to my clients SG UTM what firmware does the SD-RED20 have on it then or is it the same firmware for both XG\SG getting pushed to the RED devices?

  • Those are so new that there's not much anyone outside of Sophos knows about them.  Please let us know what you learn from Sophos.

    Cheers - Bob

    Sophos UTM Community Moderator
    Sophos Certified Architect - UTM
    Sophos Certified Engineer - XG
    Gold Solution Partner since 2005
    MediaSoft, Inc. USA
  • There is a patch for this issue in 9.704 (or maybe its 9.703-4) i didn't quite get the version number but it will be in the next version of the UTM firmware. Sophos are going to log in and try to patch the UTM ahead of that update being made available so hopefully in the next 24 hours i should have a solution.