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Using firewall rule XXXX -> ANY -> Internet causes YouTube connection speed to drop below usable rate on that device / network

Hello Sophos Community,

I noticed a strange phenomenon when I wanted to set up a guest network.

Since this network has no access to other networks and should be able to browse the internet freely, I created a firewall rule as follows:

Guest network -> ANY -> Internet IPv4

This all worked at first, until I noticed that as soon as this firewall rule is switched on, the connection speed on Youtube completely collapses and only about 0.5 to 1s of video is buffered.

As soon as the rule is deactivated and e.g. web browsing is enabled for it, the connection speed is normal again.

Has anyone ever experienced this, or what could be the cause?

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  • Hello

    Web Filtering is not switched on.

    However disabeling the UDP Flood Protection in IPS results in a normal connection speed on YouTube. (found this Community Post)

    But i dont see how the Firewall rule is linked to the UDP Flood Protection.

    UDP Flood Protection on and ANY rule on = low connection speed

    UDP Flood Protection on and Websurfing / Media Streaming rule on = normal connection speed

    UDP Flood Protection off and ANY rule on = normal connection speed