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One more Youtube-problem (seems limited to 2000kbps)

Hi Guys,

I was wondering for some years now, why Youtube is buffering so slow on high bandwidth-videos, like 4k and even 1080p.
I'd been even assuming that this is a general issue and YT is limiting bandwidth.
I do not use mobile data too often, then I would have seen it right away:

The reason is, I'm using a UTM soft-appliance at home AND at work.
When I go to any other network (like any "Fritzbox-DSL-line", I will work like a charm.
So the problem seems to be the UTM.

At work I got a 600mbit/s German Telekom DCIP fibre-line and at home I got a symmetrical 100mbit/s connection.

The YT-statistics (you can look at that in any video with a desktop-browser) says +/- 2000kbps speed.

But with looking around here and searching, I was not able to solve it.

What has been done:

  1. Ensured that "bypass scanning streaming-media" is enabled under web-prtection
  2. Disabled IPS completely. (no effect on the YT-speed)
  3. Added ^https://[A-Za-z0-9.-]+\.googlevideo\.com and ^https://[a-za-z0-9.-]+\.youtube\.com to the exception-list which has neither scanning nor other things done to it. (since I was not sure, I added them with and without the ^-sign.

Any idea what to do?
BTW: RAM at the UTM at work (SG230) is at 38% and CPU is mostly low, lower than 25%.


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