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SG UTM on XCP-ng 7.6 Hypervisor dropping traffic

Looking for suggestions on how to find the cause of tcp communication failures.


I have some systems running "behind" a DomU SG UTM Firmware version: 9.714-4 on a XCP-ng 7.6 hypervisor with an AMD Opteron 6220 CPU. Everything works fine. Specifically, my backup software is being NATed through the UTM.


When I migrate the UTM to a XCP-ng 7.6 Hypervisor running on an AMD EPYC processor, the same TCP backup traffic drops the connection. The ONLY change is moving the UTM to the new hypervisor.

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  • Hey Scott,

    If you see any lines in the UTM firewall log related to the unsuccessful communication, please copy and paste a few here.

    Cheers - Bob

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  • What NIC does your hardware have?  Are you seeing any up/down messages in the Kernel log?  Is it specific TCP traffic, i.e., port 80/443?  Is it a custom TCP port?  Can you paste some errors from the log files?

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