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Uplink Balancing and weight

I would like to ask some questions about WAN uplink balancing and weight in sopho UTM.

I have two WAN interface.

1) internet 01 > 500Gbps

2)internet 02 > 300Gbps

my setting is interface>uplink balancing> active interface >

i put both interface and weight to 100/100 with 5-minute persistance.

which interface is working as active?

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  • In that scenario it is best recommended to keep the high bandwidth with more weight rather than equal. And for the another you can add the remaining amount so the total sum up should be 100. 

    The values are evaluated relative to each other so they need not add up to 100. Instead, you can have a configuration for example, where interface 1 has value 100, interface 2 has value 50 and interface 3 has value 0. Here, interface 2 gets only half the traffic of interface 1, whereas interface 3 only comes into action when none of the other interfaces is available. A value of zero means that always another interface with a higher value is chosen if available. 

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  • Hine and welcome to the UTM Community!

    You will want to set the weight for the 500 to 50 and the one for the 300 to 30.

    Note that the default is persistence by connection.  If you want specific traffic to prefer an interface, you can use a Multipath rule.  You will want to read the help on multipathing.

    Cheers - Bob

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