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Home license expiring / renew missing

I noticed my home license is about to expire in a couple of days. I signed into he astaro portal and I can't find the renew button.

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  • Hi, you can email the licensing support address shown in the portal, and they will renew it.

  • I was just able to create a new home license from the MyAstaro Licensing Portal. Evidently one doesn't renew one's license, but instead generate a new one.

    Log into the portal, click on the "License Management" 'button' found at the top of the screen, and at the bottom of the resulting page is the "Home Use License" section where you can create a new license. 

    Hope this helps.

  • ...Evidently one doesn't renew one's license, but instead generate a new one...

    If you have a normal Home User License it makes no difference. "New" / "Renew" amounts to the same...

    But if you have been awarded a "special" Home User License because you participated in the Beta Tests, a "New" License is not a nice option.

    There always was a "Renew" Button, and for at least some there still is (if you have less than 7 Days remaining).

    If your "Renew" Button is missing, Astaro/Sophos is happy to help:
  • I emailed license support and they were able to renew for me.
  • I emailed license support and they were able to renew for me.

    I have the same problem now. But I send a email to support two days ago, but no answer yet. 

  • What happens when the home license expires?  I just happened to be poking around the admin page and noticed mine is listed as expiring today (11/3/12 - guess its a timezone thing).

    I sent an email to licensing to renew it, but what happens if they don't see it today?
  • at you can delete  the old one and create e new home-license
  • These instructions were provided by Sophos Licensing on Nov 1 2019 and explain the process a bit better as some options have changed from prior posts.

    Please see the below instructions:

    i. Log in to your MyUTM Account (

    ii. On the upper right side click 'License Management'. Scroll down to the 'Home User License’ section of the page

    iii. Click the license ID to open license information.

    iv. Scroll down to the 'Action' section of the page then click 'Delete License'. It will advise you that license will be expired. Click 'Ok expire license'. The system will automatically route you to the license management page of the website.

    v. Scroll down to 'Home User License’ section of the page, then click 'Create License'.
    The system will generate a new Home User License.

    vi. Click on the license ID then scroll to ‘Actions’ then select ‘Download License File’
    save and upload to your UTM appliance.

    Second option:

    Download Sophos UTM Home Edition and follow instructions: