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Sophos XG- Firmware install


for the 2nd time my RMA XG430 firewall was delivered with a different firmware to my existing firewall from the HA pair

I now need to update the new firewall to 9.706-9. 
can you please supply a download location for me to get the update and also the process for installing onto the new firewall. 
Thank you,


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  • Hi,

    this is the wrong forum, you need to be in the UTM forum. You have an XG430 with UTM software or is it an SG430?

    Are you a member of the UTM forum?

    Or alternatively raise a case to get the correct software version referencing your RMA case.


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  • Hello Darren,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community.

    I have moved this thread to the UTM Forum since it looks like you’re looking for 9.706

    You can download the .iso for UTM at the following link

    The closest to 9.706 is 9.607, so after you get the .iso you can go to the following link and download the u2d packages to get you to 9.706 

    Or you could simply upgrade to 9.707 on both of your devices.


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  • Haigh Darren and welcome to the Sophos User Communities!

    It's confusing that you say an XG430 but need a UTM firmware version.  Assuming the X was a mis-type, here's what I give my clients:

       1. If needed, do a quick, temporary install so that the new device can download Up2Dates.
       2. Apply the Up2Dates to the same version as the current unit, do a factory reset and shutdown.
       3. On the current UTM in use, on the 'Configuration' tab of 'High Availability':
           a. Disable and then enable Hot-Standby
           b. Select eth3 as the Sync NIC
           c. Configure it as Node_1
           d. Enter an encryption key (I've never found a need to remember it)
           e. Select 'Enable automatic configuration of new devices'
           f. I prefer to use 'Preferred Master: None' and 'Backup interface: Internal'
       4. Cable eth3 to eth3 on the new device.
       5. Cable all of the other NICs exactly as they are on the original UTM.
       6. Power up the new device and wait for the good news. Wink

    Cheers - Bob

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