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Home License on SG115

So I bought a SG115 appliance only and I am trying to load my home license onto it and it is telling me I cannot load an ASG license on the appliance. I deleted my old license and recreated a new one with the same results.

Anyone offer any help on this?

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  • Hi BlueRue,

    you must delete the file /etc/asg then you can activate your homelicense on the SG Hardware Appliances.

    Greetz Andy.

    Cheers Andreas


    UTM SCE/SCA | Endpoint SCE

  • I really appreciate your response but could you offer a little more details about how to do that. I have a monitor and keyboard currently connected. And I can possibly get console access I have to find my adapter.

    Either I'm not using the right terms in a search or the search on the new forum is not that great.

  • You don't need a special adapter.
    In WebAdmin, go to Management > System Settings > Shell Access. Enable, set the allowed Networks, and set passwords for both Loginuser and Root separately.

    Use Putty (or similar SSH client) to access shell.

    Login as Loginuser

    Type "su -" without quotes and hit enter to elevate to root, enter your root password.

    To delete file: "rm /etc/ASG" without quotes and hit enter. Alternately, you can use the mv command to rename the file instead.

    Reboot the UTM. Now it should allow you to apply the home license.

    "or the search on the new forum is not that great"  The content here is extremely limited currently, so there isn't any information on this process here yet.

    ACE v8/SCA v9.3

    ...still have a v5 install disk in a box somewhere.
  • What happens if I cannot get into the WebAdmin to enable shell, because I cannot get past the license screen.
  • I take it that you've been running it for 30 days already on the trial license then? In that case, you may have to get in via console cable. If you do this, loginuser and root may be useable with blank password. If you get in, run the following commands to factory reset, renewing the trial license:
    cc [Press ENTER]
    RAW [Press ENTER]
    system_factory_reset [Press ENTER]

    Another option is to reinstall via ISO and a USB connected optical drive (CD or DVD), which will reset the 30-day trial as well.
    ACE v8/SCA v9.3

    ...still have a v5 install disk in a box somewhere.
  • I did a reinstall, 

    then I got this:

    Now what...??

    When I do a ls at root it shows one file "bin" thats it...

  • Do you installed the hardware or software version of the utm on your sg?
    If it is the software version the /etc/asg file do not exist and you can install your home license on the webadmin interface.

    if you are in the /etc directory you can list all files and folders wit the command ls.
    Now you should see the asg file if it exist.

    Cheers Andreas


    UTM SCE/SCA | Endpoint SCE

  • Ok got it:

    After I elevated to root I had to cd into /etc once there I was able to an "ls" command and I was then able to see the asg file, I then did "rm asg" and then a "reboot" command.
    Viola license loaded great.

    Thank You Both Very Much For Your Time.
  • Hi all,

    Has this process changed at all for more current versions of 9.3/9.4 etc?

    I have an SG115w that I'd like to run on my home license.


  • Rather than rm, I would

    mv /etc/asg /etc/asg.bak

    That would allow you to mv it back and load from an appliance ISO instead of the software ISO.

    Note that the free home-use license may not legally be used in a business.

    Cheers - Bob

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