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Sophos UTM 9.510-4 released - let's share experiences!

Released yesterday:


Found out so far, that mailmanager is broken:

Others? :-)

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  • Hi  


    Thanks for this, as this up2date only contains:

    Up2Date 9.510005 package description:
     System will be rebooted
     Hotfix Release
    RPM packages contained:

    Is it only the "Mailmanager *bug*" that's fixed or have you fixed anything else?


    Best regards Martin ;-)

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  • the release contains two additional changes:

    • NUTM-10124 [Email] TLS Errors - renegotiation not allowed
    • NUTM-10118 [Reporting] Authenticated Remote Code Execution in WebAdmin


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  • @Talex Does this hotfix address any of the dns forwarding logging issues described above?

  • Hi!


    Yesterday I have installed the hotfix without any issues.

    Also the Verification with callout seems  to work fine now.
    Anyone else also installed the hotfix (9.510-5) with success?


    Thanks and regards!

  • Hi,

    The TLS issue appears to be fixed.

    Though 'resolver priming query complete' still visible in the 'DNS proxy' logs on my test system.

  • 9.501-5 works fine! THX 4 the hotfix.

  • With 9.509, I had no problem with the User Portal.  With 9.510-5 on my lab UTM, when I login, my username and email address appear at the upper-right, but then it locks up and displays nothing more.  A reboot and a restore did not help.  Anyone else?

    Cheers - Bob

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  • I cant confirm this, UserPortal is working fine as before.


    But i have another Issue, dont know if ist from this Version but my config: 


    I have the Sophos behind a NAT Router in my Testing environement and would like to establish an IPSECL2TP VPN with preshared key. If i do this in the UTM i cant connnect. If i disable IPSEC in UTM and make 3 DNat Rules to a RAS Server in my Network, i can connect and IPSEC/L2TP works fine.


    Can someone explain this to me?


    Best Regards

  • I performed the update to 9.510-4 remotely (on my UTM at home), everything seemed to be fine, no issues noted.

    Today I update to 9.510-5 remotely, and now the system is off-line and has been for well over an hour....

    gonna have to look at this when I get back... :(

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  • Different IPsec remote access servers have different levels of security.  The UTM's L2TP/IPsec implementation doesn't have the ability to "sign" encrypted packets with the public IP on your router, so your L2TP/IPsec client rejects those packets.

    Cheers - Bob

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    Sophos Certified Engineer - XG
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