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Sophos UTM on v9.358-3 found in the wild. Safe upgrade path to latest v9.712?

Hello, I work at an MSP and just recently found a Sophos UTM in the wild at a new client that is in firmware version 9.358-3. In exploring further, I found auto-updates had been disabled, so I enabled them, and the device says it is "up to date"

When I reference the available versions of the UTM firmware online at the UTM Downloads page, I do not see any 9.3xx or even a 9.4xx available. I am guessing jumping from 9.3xx to 9.5xx or higher may be a perilous endeavor? Was hoping someone here might have insight into that jump in versions. If the best advice is to directly contact Sophos support and have them guide me thru an upgrade path I'll take that advice too. 

Any and all advice is much appreciated! 

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