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5-year Warranty question for the APX120

If purchasing an APX120 unit "brand new" from a seller off Amazon, will the 5 year warranty be honored or does the unit have to be purchased from an authorized seller? These units are being sold from the Sophos Store, by SerenIT.

Many users are having bad experiences with the APX120 being bricked by firmware updates, so I would want the 5 year warranty for such an expensive device.

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  • I did receive a reply from the seller and they claim they are a Sophos partner:

    Hello, Thank you for reaching out. We are a Sophos partner and any device purchased from our store will be eligible for Sophos' 5-year warranty. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to address them. Have a wonderful rest of your day, Erika M SerenIT on Amazon

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