Improvement request - Still updating a firewall requires so much time

Almost 20 seconds elapsed from the instant when you click apply to the instant you get back to Firewall rule page?

Guys, I hope that you track this as a bug and improve the performance.


  • I know this doesn't add any further to your request but the system load of almost 100 percent per core is unsustainable in a production firewall. I was running system load over 3 on my test firewall in a vm with quad cores. Yes throwing newer, faster hardware will bring it down a little but the system load has increased significantly in v18 compared to v17 and my test lab had only one user mostly playing with the GUI.


  • Can someone form Sophos devs look at this issue?


  • Hi Luk,

    I have isolated the issue to W10 PC and IE.

    I have used the same software build on two different versions of hardware with the same issue, so that left the management PC as a likely cause. Checked using FF on MBP and all the settings are correct and no spinning ball.


    V18.5.x - e3-1225v5 6gb ram with 4 ports - 20w. 
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  • No body from Sophos is considering this thread?

    This is a performance issue. Editing an existing firewall rule still require 14 seconds to update. Can this be tracked and investigate?


  • I am the only one with this issue?

    Maybe is my installation? Can someone from forum confirm the behaviour?


  • Hi Luk, I tested this with a stopwatch [8-|] . I have a 4GB vm with 2vcpus and memory utilization to 80%. I have web proxy with categorization and av blocking. Also running Application categorization with allow all for pretty graphs (not blocking any apps). I don't have any DPI rules. I am also not using IPS.

    Average time for a rule update is 10.85 seconds. I did the test multiple times with different rules and it is always 10.5 plus seconds. I usually don't play with the firewall once its setup so not a problem after initial setup. I am also getting some inconsistent results with multiple NAT rules as the firewall seems to get confused if you turn on and off too many rules but that is not the topic here.

    Are you running everything on your firewall? Maybe the processor is overwhelmed with everything running? Not saying they don't need to fix this, just wondering why you are getting almost twice the time that I am getting on firewall rule update.


  • 10s? This is a "huge" amount of time. Updating a firewall rule should not require more than 4/5 seconds.

  • I think the gui waits for the backend to finish before it says update successful. Its the same behavior if you turn on a service that is not running. Turn off IPS and then turn it back on, you will have to wait forever before the service started message comes up.

    I agree that overall gui is too slow from control center to firewall rules. Was v17 like this? I don't quite remember how the older v16.xx versions acted on rule updates but from memory, they were still slow compared to other firewalls

  • Billybob said:

    ...they were still slow compared to other firewalls

    That's the problem. I lost already 2 customers and 5 are waiting for UI responsiveness in v18, otherwise they will move away. Same behaviour for logging. There is a certain lag between what's happening and log itself (I do not want to say nothing about the logging quality via UI).


  • I am currently working with CM as a GUI replacement and it is quite fast. 

    Did you try this approach? 


  • No Lucar. Small customers do not need CM. They use XG interface.

    Is CM going to be the new UI even for XG in 18 or 18.5?


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