Improvement request - Still updating a firewall requires so much time

Almost 20 seconds elapsed from the instant when you click apply to the instant you get back to Firewall rule page?

Guys, I hope that you track this as a bug and improve the performance.


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  • I think the gui waits for the backend to finish before it says update successful. Its the same behavior if you turn on a service that is not running. Turn off IPS and then turn it back on, you will have to wait forever before the service started message comes up.

    I agree that overall gui is too slow from control center to firewall rules. Was v17 like this? I don't quite remember how the older v16.xx versions acted on rule updates but from memory, they were still slow compared to other firewalls

  • Billybob said:

    ...they were still slow compared to other firewalls

    That's the problem. I lost already 2 customers and 5 are waiting for UI responsiveness in v18, otherwise they will move away. Same behaviour for logging. There is a certain lag between what's happening and log itself (I do not want to say nothing about the logging quality via UI).


  • I am currently working with CM as a GUI replacement and it is quite fast. 

    Did you try this approach? 


  • No Lucar. Small customers do not need CM. They use XG interface.

    Is CM going to be the new UI even for XG in 18 or 18.5?


  • can you ask to some dev like or someone else to look at this issue?


  • The basic question is: Is it slower than V17? 


  • No!

    The title of the thread is clear! In v18 no improvements have been done for speed-up Firewall editing UI.

  • In Addition, Lucar:

    threads like this should not even been opened. Waiting 10-14 seconds after updating a firewall rule is a shame!

  • Sorry for posting. I am just a privat user like you. 

    Just wanted to know, if there is a new issue with the V18 release, because the time to complete a task is kinda the same in V17 to V18, from my experience. 

    Something i looking forward is CM. Central has some powerful UI. You will be fast in configuration and easily push this configuration to your XG. 



  • Hello All,

    While i have found that the process of rule creation and updates takes 15+ seconds on the XG125 running either V17.5 or on my test V18 box, I know that on several customers XG310 units running V17.5 it is a lot faster.


    While a few people have been using CM to make changes and are advising that the rule updates are faster, is this actually the case? is the CM GUI just more responsive because the changes to the actual firewall are being background tasked, and still taking 15+ seconds to complete, but because the CM is not instant access people are just not observing the time requirement.


    Personally while my XG125 units in the field are slow at firewall edits and changes, I am not finding the GUI that unreasonable. If I was seeing that delay on the XG310's I think I would be more concerned. I also do not use anything smaller than a 125.






    Gavin Daniels. DipIT(Networking)