WAN IP turns LAN after reconfiguration

Hi All,

Working on XG115. Had a complaint that VPN not working for one user, no connect.

On investigation i discovered that an old WAN private IP that was changed to public is showing up in tracert to workstations/servers from those who can connect. This change done a year ago.

You can also access FW admin portal using this IP on internal LAN only. you cannot access admin portal form vpn for either address.

The user cannot connect as his local LAN address range is same subnet as the old WAN port IP. I have searched XG portal and I can find no entries with that IP in them. not in networking, not on routing table so cant remove it.


old WAN IP

new WAN IP 72.xx.xx.xx

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  • That was answer to his question about windows machine  that is vpn client.

    Diagram, not handy. Does the routing table not spell it out?

    10.x.x.x LAN

    10.247.x.x VPN host

    10.255Guestap not used.

    72.x.x.x WAN

    Flow= LAN to WAN

    Policy/configuration? I will point out if Client machine is placed alternate ISP it works  The question is why 192.168.1.x)that is not configured anywhere showing up in tracert.? And how can I remove it. I checked three other installations and the first hop on all three was WAN IP address. I would like this one to be the same.  I have not used IP range 192.168.1.x anywhere on the installation but there it is in tracert.

    Lets stay focused on that. You said it has a DMZ configured with that range. I ask where? not in routing table.