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Radius SSO for wired devices

Hello everyone,

I would like to set up the firewall for radius sso.

My radius server and switches are configured correct as i can get network access and vlan assignmet and failover based on my policies.

My problem is the captive portal as the firewall does not know who a user is.

Is it any documentation on how to set up  the firewall and what is needed on the radius server?

Kind regards,


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  • Hi  ,

    Thanks for your reply. 

    I had a look at that article, but it does not work.

    Perhaps i was not very clear, but let me try explaining my goal again:

    A user is authenticated on the network by radius. 

    I do not want the captive portal to appear. I want the firewall to get the user info from radius.

    Is it possible? have you successfully done this?