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Unwanted Heartbeat users showing up as "Live Users" next to VPN users

I have an XGS 3100 firewall.  In the Control Center, I see Connected Remote Users and Liove Users.  Everyone in the former group appears in the Live group, but the Live Users group contains one or more "Heartbeat" users.  I don't know why they are there and how can I prevent myself from seeing them?

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  • Thanks, Raphael, but purging did not accomplish anything.

  • Hello  

    Thanks for sharing an update. Could you verify if the user 'administrator@tse.local' is still on Sophos Central? and if yes could you try removing from the Central account? It would be under Sophos Central > People/Devices then delete the possibly unwanted user on Central and all other that still appear on Sophos Firewall then perform the purge and reboot again.

    If the issue would still persist after the above steps. I may recommend you to open a support ticket for this to be further investigated, you could refer this community thread on your ticket that would be created. Also, please share with us the CaseId via DM or by replying to this thread.

    Many thanks for your time and patience and thank you for choosing Sophos.

    Raphael Alganes
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