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Move Vlans to another Interface


is it possible to change the interface of vlan?

i got currently all on the same port, we want to switch now to new glass fiber modul (bought later/now), but if edit a vlan the interface got no option to change it.

This should be possible like switch or not? Changing Untagged and tagged like i want? Please i dont want change many many vlan, since the only option i see is do recreate them, and that means i need remove the zones, the dhcp relays and and ...

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  • Hey ,

    Port3 is just given as an example in the mentioned article. Basically for example if you have Port2 where all the VLAN are configured then Unbind Port2 to avoid any overlaps and errors in regards to subnet. 

    And again before going for the changes, it is advised to take a complete back up of the appliance and then perform according to the steps shared in the article !! 

    Thanks & Regards,

    Vivek Jagad | Technical Account Manager 3 | Cyber Security Evolved

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