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Move Vlans to another Interface


is it possible to change the interface of vlan?

i got currently all on the same port, we want to switch now to new glass fiber modul (bought later/now), but if edit a vlan the interface got no option to change it.

This should be possible like switch or not? Changing Untagged and tagged like i want? Please i dont want change many many vlan, since the only option i see is do recreate them, and that means i need remove the zones, the dhcp relays and and ...

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  • This is suitable solution, thanks. Not Sure why you cant do this today with gui, but hey you get what you get for your money ...

    Two things i dont unterstand:

    1. Why you need to unbind port 3? On Port 3 alone, let say i got my default Subnet.

    2. i am correct this method just prompt import the config part i need, could i damage my config if i would format my file wrong, like i make to many whitespaces?