office 2021 activation blocked


I have an xg210 and im trying to allow the activation of office 2021

i added all the urls in the web exception , and gave allow all to a specific ip to test , still it is not working 

nothing is shown as blocked in the logs 

edit : when i install wireshark , it works !

what can i check exactly ?

so i was able to pinpoint the internet status of office is related to the Network Connection Status Indicator (NCSI) of microsoft .. i am trying to allow access to the servers of NCSI for everyone in my subnet . i added them to the web exception but it didnt work .. should i have a firewall rule for everyone to allow access ( other than the initial deny rule ) ? shouldnt the exception work for everything ??

please enlighten me

added new info
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  • Hi,

    Please post a copy of your web exceptions.


    XG115W - v19.5 GA - Home

    Test machine - Asus P10S-i E3-1225v5, 6gb, 4 intel NICs, v19.5 GA

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    weirdly it works when i installed wireshark on my pc !


    weirdly it works when i installed wireshark on my pc !