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I was wondering if anyone had any experience in getting a Nintendo Switch to allow online gameplay/eshop etc. when using XG Home Version?  I have been racking my brain for days and cannot seem to get it figured out.  It appears that, in the log viewer almost all packets are being dropped by Rule 0 and I cannot seem to get it working.  It has worked twice for no reason and then stops again.  Any help would be appreciated.

Here is an example of the dropped packet from the log viewer.

messageid="01001" log_type="Firewall" log_component="Invalid Traffic" log_subtype="Denied" status="Deny" con_duration="0" fw_rule_id="N/A" nat_rule_id="0" policy_type="0" user="" user_group="" web_policy_id="0" ips_policy_id="0" appfilter_policy_id="0" app_name="" app_risk="0" app_technology="" app_category="" vlan_id="" ether_type="IPv4 (0x0800)" bridge_name="" bridge_display_name="" in_interface="" in_display_interface="" out_interface="" out_display_interface="" src_mac="" dst_mac="" src_ip="" src_country="R1" dst_ip="" dst_country="USA" protocol="TCP" src_port="54466" dst_port="443" packets_sent="0" packets_received="0" bytes_sent="0" bytes_received="0" src_trans_ip="" src_trans_port="0" dst_trans_ip="" dst_trans_port="0" src_zone_type="" src_zone="" dst_zone_type="" dst_zone="" con_direction="" con_id="" virt_con_id="" hb_status="No Heartbeat" message="Could not associate packet to any connection." appresolvedby="Signature" app_is_cloud="0"
I am also attaching a screenshot of my firewall rule.  Hopefully this helps. 
I have tried disabling web filtering, HTTP/HTTPS scanning, IPS, and Application Control.  Still nothing. 

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