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Android Enterprise Question - Would configuring this disable the standard enrollment ability

We use on-prem Sophos Mobile, and I've been looking into enabling Android Enterprise so that we can push some app specific settings out.  The thing is I just want to test for now, and its unclear if I would permanently lose the ability to do the standard Android enrollment process.

In the console, on the Android setup tab it has a drop down that says "Both android enterprise and device administrator".  This tells me that I could do that standard "old way" and Android Enterprise as well, at the same time.  But then I see in the help file:

"If you configure Android enterprise enrollment for corporate and/or personal devices as described in this section, standard enrollment of Android devices is not available for that device type in the Self Service Portal"

So would that mean I lose the ability to do enrollments only in the self service portal, and that I could still do device administrator enrollments from the console?

What would the impact of switching the Android device management mode be?  The mode that I'm currently in, "Android Enterprise and Device Administrator" is not even in the help for this section.

Basically I want to be able to test Android Enterprise while still doing standard enrollments. 

I'm sure many have switched to this already, and can answer these questions easily.  Thanks in advance!

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